Shock Wave Therapy

This is a form a treatment that has been developed to aid recovery especially with chronic conditions. Shockwaves are applied to the tissue to stimulate metabolic activity and ‘kickstart’ the body’s natural healing response. It has proven extremely effective for conditions such as

    • Plantar Fasciitis
    • Achilles Tendinopthay
    • Tennis Elbow
    • Patellar Tenonopthay

This treatment will be used as part of an overall treatment plan combining physiotherapy techniques and specific rehabilitation.

Vestibular Disorders (Dizziness)

Two of our physiotherapists Kirsteen and Kirsty have specialised in treating patients suffering from dizziness, vertigo or impaired balance. It is possible to significantly reduce dizziness and improve balance using specialised vestibular exercises and treatment techniques, which are designed to re-calibrate the balance system. While the outcomes are dramatic for some, others have to work hard to improve and better manage their symptoms.

Treatment for Patients with Cancer

Cancer diagnosis and treatment can have many side effects. One of the poorest areas addressed is rehabilitation following treatment. Many patients want to return to the sports or hobbies they enjoyed pre treatment but are unsure how to proceed and what they can do. Seonaid has trained in massage therapy for cancer patients and using this skill and enhanced knowledge along with the practical elements of years of rehabilitation experience she aims to guide patients through the recovery process. She has provided in house training so as a clinic we are now competent at providing this care.

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