Covid-19 Update: 20th March 2020

Like every other business in Scotland I have been in turmoil these past days over whether to close the clinic or how long to try to stay open.

With so many loyal patients still needing to come in for treatment it is a difficult decision to make. And as a business it is equally difficult because the diary is busy. Our client base has not been told to stay away and they are sore and still wanting to book in.

However, at the end of the day like every other employer I have a team of staff and their extended families to look out for and their health comes before everything. And as a country we are trying to ‘flatten the curve’.

I hand on heart cannot guarantee safety for my staff and patients and their carers within my clinic. It is impossible for us to treat and keep 2m away from our patients and therefore claim not to be spreading this.

Ultimately it also feels wrong for us to still be operating, albeit while we are taking all the precautions we possibly can, while so many other people in Scotland are taking heed of the request to stay at home. This is not the time to ‘stay calm and carry on’. We are all being asked, where possible, to down tools and stay put and we all have to try and do this.

I finally decided yesterday to close the clinic. I am so sorry to have to cancel appointments and let our patients down ‘mid treatment’ but this decision feels right in every way.

In addition, closing the clinic frees up my physios to go back into the NHS, as they are all trained in respiratory physio, and assist our NHS colleagues in the difficult weeks ahead.

Rob and Kirsty will be in two days next week for the last few patients that really need seen or for people to pick up insoles, tape etc and then we will close on Friday.

After that we will be on hand Monday to Friday to give advice by phone and Skype and we look forward to seeing you all again when this is all over!

Emma -our podiatrist is going to continue a weekly emergency service herself as some of her treatments can’t wait weeks.

Please call us if we can help in any way 01786 480048 in the coming weeks.

Thank you all for your support! We are lucky to work in a brilliant community 👍

Stay safe everyone!